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Easy Ways to Protect the Environment

When I was growing up, I loved walking our large dog every day after school. One day, as I was walking him, I took a new route and came across a street that was covered in litter. I knew it was bad to litter, but I didn't know why. I then went home and asked my mother about the litter and she told me that litter is very bad for the environment. Many objects people throw on the ground when they litter contain harmful chemicals that seep into the water and soil. I then went back and cleaned up the litter and became dedicated to helping the environment in any other way I can. I love sharing my easy tips for protecting the environment with others and plan to post many of them on my new blog!



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Tips For Renting A Dumpster For Your Home Or Business

Renting a dumpster can be essential for managing the trash that is produced by both residential and commercial properties. While renting a dumpster for managing trash disposal is a fairly routine task, individuals will often find that they are not getting the best results from their dumpster rentals due to failing to be aware of some important considerations.

Be Strategic Where You Place The Dumpster

When you are choosing where to place the dumpster, it can be easy to simply place it as close to the building as possible. While this may reduce the number of steps that will be needed to reach the dumpster, it can lead to other problems. For example, if the dumpster is too close to the building, it can make it much more difficult for it to be emptied. Also, placing a dumpster too close to a building can contribute to serious pest problems developing. Lastly, you should be mindful of the elevation of the terrain where you are placing the dumpster, as you will want to avoid low areas. Otherwise, you may need to walk through deep puddles to reach the dumpster following a rainstorm.

Consider Including A Dumpster For Recycling

Opting for two dumpsters may seem like it will be excessive, but it can be extremely beneficial to have a recycling option. This will allow you to reduce the frequency of having the dumpster emptied, which can help to reduce the overall costs of maintaining it. This can also be a requirement that many communities will have for properties, as recycling can greatly reduce the strain on the local landfill. Fortunately, many dumpster rental providers will offer individuals discounts for renting multiple dumpsters. Therefore, you may want to review the quotes from multiple dumpster rental providers before you decide on the one that will be the best option and deal.

Secure The Dumpster When Not Using It

Whenever you are not using the dumpster and are unable to monitor it, you should secure it with a lock. Individuals will often be tempted to throw their own trash into any open dumpsters, and this can greatly reduce the use that you will get from it. Furthermore, there are many animals that will attempt to live in the dumpster or use it as a source of food, and keeping it secured can prevent these pests from being able to get inside. Many dumpster rental providers can offer their clients secured access units that require a code to be entered for the lid to open.