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Easy Ways to Protect the Environment

When I was growing up, I loved walking our large dog every day after school. One day, as I was walking him, I took a new route and came across a street that was covered in litter. I knew it was bad to litter, but I didn't know why. I then went home and asked my mother about the litter and she told me that litter is very bad for the environment. Many objects people throw on the ground when they litter contain harmful chemicals that seep into the water and soil. I then went back and cleaned up the litter and became dedicated to helping the environment in any other way I can. I love sharing my easy tips for protecting the environment with others and plan to post many of them on my new blog!



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Must-Know Benefits Of Residential Solar Energy

Electricity is an integral part of today's world. Consider the gadget you are using to access this article. Chances are it's either plugged into a socket or will need charging in a short while. The same applies to many other home appliances, including the TV, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine. And, according to a recent report, since December 2000, the power average price has hiked by nearly 70%. That is why many people are finding reprieve in alternative sources like solar energy. The benefits of using residential solar energy are outlined below.

1. Go green

If you want to play a part in conserving the environment and boost sustainability, use solar panels at home. They rely on the sun to generate energy that is clean and less impactful to the environment. On the other hand, electricity mostly comes from coal, natural gas, hydropower, biomass, and nuclear energy. Most of these power sources are depletable, and they contribute to air pollution and smog by producing wastes like nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the environment is safer with solar energy, and it improves humanity's health. 

2. Reduced utility bills

The rising cost of electricity is one of the reasons your utility bills are shooting through the roof. Note that the price you pay for electricity depends on factors like fuel costs, power plant costs, regulations, weather, and your location. When, for instance, the cost of fossil fuels rises, your power bills increase. You can avoid such inconveniences using solar energy. It helps you lower your dependence on electricity, and subsequently, cut consumption costs. That way, you save a tidy sum on monthly energy bills.

3. Increased property value

According to a recent study, for each kilowatt of solar panels you install, the resale value of your residential property increases by up to $5,911. Moreover, since most people are environmentally conscious and worried about shooting energy bills, buyers are likely to pick a home with solar energy than one without. That means selling your home faster and recouping a significant chunk of your investment. Besides, it will be easier and quicker for the new owner to transfer or adjust the solar panels if need be.  

4. Minimal maintenance

Solar panels are relatively easy to maintain. Most of the maintenance practices they need to function include periodic cleaning to remove debris like dust and leaves that may cause obstruction. But, that won't be necessary most of the time, especially in rainy weather. The reason is rain washes all the grime away. However, to ensure everything is in order, regularly check whether the inverters on your panels are flashing green lights to indicate they are working optimally. In addition, keep them out of the shade to increase their exposure to sunlight. 

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