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Easy Ways to Protect the Environment

When I was growing up, I loved walking our large dog every day after school. One day, as I was walking him, I took a new route and came across a street that was covered in litter. I knew it was bad to litter, but I didn't know why. I then went home and asked my mother about the litter and she told me that litter is very bad for the environment. Many objects people throw on the ground when they litter contain harmful chemicals that seep into the water and soil. I then went back and cleaned up the litter and became dedicated to helping the environment in any other way I can. I love sharing my easy tips for protecting the environment with others and plan to post many of them on my new blog!



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Looking To Hire A Professional For Grease Trap Cleaning? Three Questions To Ask

If you own a business that prepares food, it is important that you have the grease trap in your business regularly cleaned. The grease trap catches vegetable oil, animal fats, and grease that go down your sink before they clog your sewer line. But if the grease trap is not cleaned, the trap can become so full that it clogs the line or begins to stink. As you go about hiring a grease trap cleaning company, here are three important questions you should ask. 

What Does Your Cleaning Process Involve?

One of the first questions that you will want to ask as you look to hire a company to clean your grease trap is what their cleaning process entails. Some companies will simply skim the fat and residue off of your grease trap. Others will clean the entire sewer line. A grease trap is the best way to keep excess fat, grease, and oil out of your sewer line. But it can't stop all of these items from flowing into the line. As such, it is wise to clean your sewer line at the same time you clean the grease trap to prevent all sewer line back-ups. 

What Do You Do With the Grease Trap Waste?

Another question to ask when you are looking to hire a company to clean your grease trap is what they do with the grease trap waste. Grease must be disposed of properly. Some companies will take the waste to a licensed disposal site where it will be disposed of. Other companies take the grease to a recycling facility where it can be converted into different items, such as methane gas used for power. If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to dispose of the grease, look for a company that recycles, rather than disposes of the grease. 

Do You Offer a Preventative Cleaning Schedule?

The last question to ask a grease trap cleaning company is whether they offer a preventative cleaning service schedule. Most companies will give you a discount if you opt for one of their preventative cleaning services and stick to their recommended cleaning schedule. Following a routine maintenance schedule helps to prevent smells and backups with your grease trap and sewer line. It is recommended you follow one of these schedules rather than waiting until your grease trap is showing signs that it needs to be cleaned. 

There are many companies out there that offer grease trap cleaning services. Taking the time to ask these three questions will help you find the company that can best meet your needs when it comes to grease removal and grease trap cleaning. To learn more, contact a company like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services