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Easy Ways to Protect the Environment

When I was growing up, I loved walking our large dog every day after school. One day, as I was walking him, I took a new route and came across a street that was covered in litter. I knew it was bad to litter, but I didn't know why. I then went home and asked my mother about the litter and she told me that litter is very bad for the environment. Many objects people throw on the ground when they litter contain harmful chemicals that seep into the water and soil. I then went back and cleaned up the litter and became dedicated to helping the environment in any other way I can. I love sharing my easy tips for protecting the environment with others and plan to post many of them on my new blog!



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The Most Dangerous Workplace Spills

When you work in certain environments, especially industrial ones, it is not uncommon to use and to come into contact with hazardous materials on a daily basis. Fortunately, as long as you exercise the proper precautions when around these materials, you and others in your workplace should be perfectly safe. With that being said, however, if there is ever a workplace spill involving hazardous materials, you'll want to make sure that you clean it up properly and fully following all hazmat guidelines.

Not doing so can result in serious workplace hazards, especially if the spills involve any of the most dangerous materials covered below.

Blood and Bodily Fluids

The thought of spilled blood, urine, or other bodily fluids is a pretty disgusting one. In fact, it sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. Despite this fact, however, these kinds of spills do occur, typically within the medical field.

It is important to understand that bodily fluids, no matter how innocuous they may seem, can be very dangerous since most bodily fluids can carry and spread a wide range of different diseases and other ailments. Thus, if there is ever a spill of blood or other bodily fluids within your workplace, professional hazmat spill cleanup is an absolute must in order for safety to be maintained.


Ether is another potential workplace hazard. This is especially true if the substance is spilled and/or if it is older than five years old.  At this point in its age, especially if it has been stored in unstable or inappropriate conditions, it can actually turn into a very toxic combustible. To keep this from happening, make sure all workplace storage requirements are followed for this substance, and always have proper and thorough cleaning of ether done in the event of a spill, regardless of the material's age.

Some Cleaning Products

Finally, while it may surprise you, some cleaning products can actually be quite hazardous if spilled and not promptly and thoroughly cleaned up. For this reason, be aware of any and all ingredients in the cleaning products used in your workplace. That way, you will know when an unexpected hazard presents themselves and how to properly deal with them.

These are actually just a few of many materials that can be hazardous if spilled, so do your best to educate yourself on workplace hazards, and enlist a proper, thoroughly trained cleaning crew to respond to any spill hazards right away.