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Easy Ways to Protect the Environment

When I was growing up, I loved walking our large dog every day after school. One day, as I was walking him, I took a new route and came across a street that was covered in litter. I knew it was bad to litter, but I didn't know why. I then went home and asked my mother about the litter and she told me that litter is very bad for the environment. Many objects people throw on the ground when they litter contain harmful chemicals that seep into the water and soil. I then went back and cleaned up the litter and became dedicated to helping the environment in any other way I can. I love sharing my easy tips for protecting the environment with others and plan to post many of them on my new blog!



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Tips To Help You Get The Best Performance From Your Solar Powered Speakers

Having music playing can make your days outside by the pool or around eh grill more enjoyable. However, a traditional portable speaker system will be extremely wasteful in the way that it uses batteries. In order to be more efficient, you may have opted for a solar powered bluetooth speaker. While these can be extremely convenient options of being able to play music when you are outside, there are a handful of tips that you should be following to ensure that your speakers provide you with the best performance possible. 1

Opt For A Waterproof Speaker

It may be slightly more expensive to opt for a speaker that is waterproof, but it can provide you with a number of benefits. Often, individuals will assume that this is an unnecessary because they do not have a swimming pool. However, it can be common for afternoon rain showers to develop quickly, and this can catch you unprepared. By having a waterproof speaker system, you can avoid these storms damaging them. Also, you will be protected against individuals damaging the speakers by spilling their drinks on them.

Wipe The Solar Panel Clean Before Each Use

Before each time you use these speakers, you will want to take a few moments to clean the solar panel. Dust and dirt can gather on the solar panel, and these substances will be able to block out enough of the sunlight to compromise the ability of the panel to produce electricity. When you are cleaning the panel, you will need to be careful to avoid scratching the glass. For this reason, you should use the softest cloth available, such as microfiber, to allow you to clean the panel without damaging it by scuffing or scratching it. Also, it is important to only use a glass cleaner for this task as other cleaning agents can leave a film or streaks behind that could inhibit the ability of the solar panel to absorb enough sunlight to produce the maximum amount of power.

Be Mindful Of Where You Position The Speaker

Where you position your solar powered speaker can be another important consideration. Over the course of the day, the sun's position will change, and this can lead to areas of the property being shaded or otherwise unable to receive direct sunlight. As you are considering the location for the speaker, you should make sure that you choose a location that will receive direct sunlight during the entire time that you will be needing to use the speaker system. Check out the site for more help.